The Lisbon Sports Club is located in Serra da Carregueira, Belas, circa 20 kilometres from Lisbon.  The 18 hole circuit is one of the most original in the whole country: it is nested in a valley, making the most of the plains situated on the north side of the mountains.  Since 1992 the LSC  it prides itself on 18 holes, PAR 69, over 5,261 meters, with an extremely rich and beautiful forest biodiversity and a striking brook which runs throughout the entire course.

The itinerary's layout is that of a typical Scottish golf course.  Inaugurated in 1964, with nine holes designed by Hawtree & Sons, it was initially extended to 14 and finally to 18.  The holes are characterized by an assortment of different designs, which implies a range of different and interesting game possibilities.  Some holes encompass criss-crossing paths, allowing golfers to intermingle along the course.

The highlights of the LSC course are definitely holes number 1, 3 and 18, which stand out thanks to their natural beauty, unique layouts and relative difficulty. 

The first hole is a PAR 3 and it is 169 meters long.  It showcases the whole LSC course, with tees about 10 metres higher than the green, which in turn is surrounded by four bunkers.  The entire right side of the hole is escorted by a brook.

Hole 3 is also a PAR 3, 176 meters long, and considered by many one of the most beautiful golf course holes in Portugal.  It also features elevated tees and a brook in the middle of the fairway which follows the right side of the green.  The vegetation is stunning, generating a unique layout.

Hole number 18 is the biggest challenge for the players, not only for its length but also because it lays claim to a brook that meanders along the route to the green, this latter protected by two bunkers.

Thanks to the existence of large amounts of water and an automatic irrigation system in all holes on the course, the quality of the fairways and greens of the LSC golf course is rather high all year round.  This places the Lisbon Sports Club as one of the best in the whole Greater Lisbon area.

The course in enveloped by the Serra da Carregueira, displaying a wide variety of vegetation and truly breathtaking scenery.

One can often enjoy the sightings of animals such as rabbits and partridges, as well as a wide variety of birds, which presence and singing turn the time spent on the golf course even more enjoyable and relaxing.

The inexistence of houses around the course, as well as the fact that the LSC is not integrated into any real estate development, has allowed the club to remain an extremely calm and resting facility, unique situation amongst golf clubs in the Greater Lisbon area.

Tee Buraco 3

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Casal da Carregueira - Belas
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